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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2015/09/24 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Catch up of summer news

  • Mast
    • We do not have a mast yet
    • Situation with b40's demolition, the office situation and the meeting with Director of Union Services explained.
  • Storage
    • Caught up with our stuff being moved from cupboard to cage 9, and etc.
  • Outings
    • Caught up on outing on the common, open days and VHF NFD
  • Anything else
    • Not that any of us can think of.

New year Prep

  • Things to purchase
    • Kit_wishlist
      • Deferred until later/Darren is here
    • End fed zepp
      • Murray to contact G-Whip guy, talk to Graeme first, we could invite him to do a talk on antenna design.

Initial Events

  • Introductory sessions.
    • 1st of October and 8th of October
    • Murray and Henry/Russell/any other volunteers on the day to give presentation, Murray to find presentation
    • PiSSTV explanation
    • General Q&A/topics people would like to know about
    • SOWN presentation by Daveruss
    • Event Page
    • Event Page
    • These happened, they went well, I think.
  • Freshers outing
    • 15th of October
    • Intercourse (SUSU grass)
    • Later than usual pubbing
    • Arrive early (17:30) to help with setup if you can, newbies to arrive 18:00
    • Subject to weather
    • Light setup, FT-920, large battery, Graeme's end-fed Zepp, Morse's table, red box, Murray's folding chairs.
    • Goal is just to make contacts and do greeting message for non-licensees.
    • Event Page
  • Licence update presentation.
    • 22nd of October
    • Licence conditions have changed slightly over summer, UGs may not be aware fully.
    • Henry to give presentation to explain changes in licence conditions
    • Followed by cut-down meeting
    • Specifically invite already licenced newbies.
    • Obviously existing club members should come too.
    • No reminder email for newbie list, but a mention in the previous emails. Obviously reminder on mailing list as usual.
    • Event Page
  • Construction evening/weekend workshop
    • Murray to send out doodle poll.
    • Saturday/Sunday preferred, but perhaps a couple of Thursday doings. Why not both?
    • projects to consider
      • Slimjims
      • 10m antennas
      • designing the morse sounder
      • VFOs for intermediate applicants
    • date?
  • SOWN workshop
    • Some Saturday towards the end of the month
    • Dave to Doodle poll


  • Director of union services discussing with E&F

Exam things

  • Next dates: Mon 7th Dec 19:00 deadline 16th Nov.
    • Arthur and Jo{h,}n Fisher would like to Full (either date).
    • Hector and Freddie would like intermediate

EMF 2016

  • 5th-7th August 2016
    • SUWS attendance?
  • Guildford!

Kit at M0NSA_QTH

  • pole and other bits should be catalogued and relocated
  • Diplexer, many missing bits to HF beam, 40m Softrock SDR, SOWN node
  • A load more poles at Dave's house.
  • They forgot the HF power amp, I suspect that will come back later
    • That hasn't happened yet

AOB (radio)

  • QSL card competition
    • Should be officially started after freshers arrive
    • Winner gets 25 QSL cards of own design (club gets 75 of winning design)
    • Only paid members can {be eligible for prize,vote} (delete as appropriate)
    • Rear design in competition as well.

Joint Agenda


  • Where / what has happened to our Zepler cupboard.
    • It's gone missing
    • There wasn't that much stuff in it but it would be a pain to lose (manuals/original boxes/mounting hardware).
    • Bill Swanton who is on leave possibly knows.
    • Cupboard has been claimed by someone. We will be getting a new one. Joyce is on it/etc.
  • Second key for B32 cupboard.
  • cage 9 issues
    • CU and livesoc contacted
    • There's a leak in the roof.


  • Artemis
    • In a month where we have five Thursdays.
    • Now with working lights
    • suggested date: 29th


H&S training

  • Let's send Arihant, as he handles equipment, and he hasn't already been.
    • He couldn't make any of them.
  • Freddie volunteered, but he's not on the committee.


See SOWN Agenda