Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio is the hobby of using designated Frequency bands to communicate with other licensed Radio Amateurs around the world. This can be for experimentation, training, or just a good chat with someone thousands of miles away! Amateur Radio also provides a service, aiding emergency services with communication networks whenever need arises.

More Information for newcomers to the hobby can be found at the Radio Society of Great Britain.

A great introduction to the ‘DIY Magic’ of Amateur Radio by the ARRL can be found on YouTube here.

For information on Amateur Radio Licensing, click here.

Club Activity

We are a young club, so we are pursuing anything suggested by our members and trying new ideas whenever we can. Many of our members are freshly licensed so we have yet to try everything!

Operating as our Club Station, G3KMI, we have so far participated in the following:

  • HF (mainly 20m)
    • SSB DX
    • PSK31 DX
    • SSTV
  • 2m (144 MHz)

Radio details

Details of club members’ and recommended radios can be found under the relevant link below.