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Morse sounder project complete

For a while we have been working on a project to build a Morse code practice oscillator and accompanying capacitive Morse key, which we could use for radio practicals and to help members learn about Morse code. Now this project has been completed, we thought it was a good opportunity to write up a potted… Read More »

HF Yagi Refurbishment

About five years ago, the club was generously donated a disused HF Yagi; specifically a Cushcraft A-3S tri-band beam designed for the 10, 15, and 20 metre Amateur Radio bands. This used to reside on a Scout Hut near Basingstoke, but sadly the licensed amateurs moved away and therefore the mast had to be decommissioned. Since… Read More »

VHF National Field Day 2015

The VHF National Field Day is an RSGB-run amateur radio competition. In this competition the contestants are required to operate a portable station (without the use of any permanent structures, or grid power) on the VHF bands. Points are awarded per km per contact logged on each band during the 24 hour operation window. The full rules for the competition can be… Read More »

10KHz – 2MHz Coverage added to SUWS WebSDR

We’ve added 10KHz – 2MHz receive capability to the SUWS Farnham WebSDR. You can access the WebSDR at: This frequency band is received by an Active Antenna developed by Martin G8JNJ, which is fed into an R820T2 RTL-SDR running in Direct Sampling mode on the ‘Q’ ADC Input. The current antenna is a prototype, and… Read More »