Getting Licensed

If you want to get licensed, SUWS periodically runs licensing exams on the Highfield Campus of the University of Southampton, which is registered with the RSGB as a licensing test centre.

If you are a student or member of staff at the University of Southampton, SUWS has registered instructors who can provide training and assess practical work you need to do to pass your Amateur Radio exam.  If you are not part of the University of Southampton, the Itchen Valley Amateur Radio Club (IVARC) can provide this training.  IVARC and SUWS then collectively run exam sessions at the University for both University and non-University candidates.

Amateur Radio has three licensing qualifications,which progressively allow you to operate on a greater number of frequencies and at higher levels of power:

The links above will take you to pages giving you an overview of what each qualification entails and further links to support and reading material to help to pass the exam.  If you want to contact SUWS, please fill in the form below:

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