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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2015/09/17 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


New year Prep

  • Things to purchase
  • Bunfights planning

Initial Events

  • HF vertical on common to test set-up for freshers
  • Licence update presentation.
  • Construction evening/weekend workshop
    • projects to consider
      • Slimjims
      • 10m antennas
      • designing the morse sounder
      • VFO's for intermediate applicants
    • date?


  • Director of union services discussing with E&F

Exam things

  • Next dates: Sun 11th Oct 10:00; Mon 7th Dec 19:00; deadlines 18th Sep and 16th Nov respectively.
    • Arthur and Jo{h,}n Fisher would like to Full (either date)

Wiki upgrades

  • new auto populated fields
  • inventory upgrades
  • bug fix for Semantic Mediawiki / Semantic Maps (daveruss)

EMF 2016

  • 5th-17th August 2016
    • SUWS attendance?

AOB (radio)

Joint Agenda


  • Need to move 10ft pole from Access Grid room as it is being converted.
  • Where / what is going to happen to our Zepler cupboard.
  • Second key for B32 cupboard.


  • Artemis
    • In a month where we have five Thursdays.
    • Now with working lights
    • Date to be decided


See SOWN Agenda