Morse sounder

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Morse Sounder
Morse Sounder
Status Completed
Project Lead User:TylerWard

Morse Sounder

To design a morse code sidetone generator. The finished version of which will be made into a kit that can be used as an intermediate project.

Designs and source code

see Github project

Kit cost

  • approximate costs (when a few are ordered at once)
    • PCBs £10
    • Sounder components inc case £25
    • iambic key components inc case £10

Feature List

  • 1/4in jack key input
  • internal speaker
  • Paddle key support
  • Adjustable Tone,Volume,Weight, and Rate
  • 1/4in Headphone Jack
  • 12v input
  • Included capacitive iambic key

Assembly Documentation

Sources and links

  • Rev1.0 audio path based on designs by Forrest Cook (WB0RIO)
  • Capacitive Iambic key uses circuit from John Parfrey (M0UKD)
  • Project uses CC By icons from Dave Gandy (power icon (also remixed to make the dial and jack labels)) and Hanan (headphone icon)