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42/Cage9 is SUSU Storage Cage 9 is on Level 1 of Building 42 (SUSU building) at the University of Southampton. It is one of the locations were Radio club kit is stored.

It is a shared storage space with the Christian union and Livesoc.

The current contents of 42/Cage9 are

 ItemTypeStateAcquired OnLocation
23cm omni23cm omniAntennaUnknown25 September 201642/Cage9
23cm yagi23cm yagiAntennaUnknown25 September 201642/Cage9
2m Yagi2m YagiAntennaBroken25 September 201642/Cage9
2m crossed yagi2m crossed yagiAntennaWorking25 September 201642/Cage9
70CM omni antenna70CM omni antennaAntennaUnknown25 September 201642/Cage9
BannersBannersMiscellaneousWorking25 September 201642/Cage9
Cushcraft A3SCushcraft A3SAntennaNeeds Testing25 September 201642/Cage9
CushcraftR7Cushcraft R7AntennaWorking4 March 201142/Cage9
FM broadcast antennaFM broadcast antennaAntennaUnknown25 September 201642/Cage9
Lead acid Batterys and ChargersLead acid Batterys and ChargersMiscellaneousUnknown25 September 201642/Cage9
Long 23cm yagiLong 23cm yagiAntennaUnknown25 September 201642/Cage9
Masts CablesMast CablesCoaxFor Parts14 November 201442/Cage9
Mobile Operating CaseMobile Operating CaseCaseWorking11 October 201742/Cage9
MorseTableMorseTableMiscellaneousWorking2 October 201542/Cage9
Rackmount SupportsRackmount SupportsMiscellaneousUnknown25 September 201642/Cage9
Triband vericialTriband vericialAntennaWorking25 September 201642/Cage9
TriplexerTriplexerMiscellaneousNeeds Testing14 November 201442/Cage9
Tripod Mast baseTripod Mast baseMastWorking25 September 201642/Cage9
Unknown white stick antennaUnknown white stick antennaAntennaUnknown25 September 201642/Cage9
TrunkCaseWheeled trunk flightcaseCaseNeeds Fixing2 September 201742/Cage9
YearbooksYearbooksMiscellaneousWorking15 January 201542/Cage9
Facts about "42/Cage9"
Coordinates50° 56' 3", -1° 23' 52"Latitude: 50.934111111111
Longitude: -1.3976666666667
Has room numberCage9 +
In buildingBuilding 42 +
TitleSUSU Storage Cage 9 +
Equivalent URI
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http://id.southampton.ac.uk/room/42-Cage9 +