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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2016/06/30 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio Email Aliases

  • Add the following accounts and set up forwarding to appropriate people:
    • president - Arihant
    • treasurer - Tyler and Darren
    • secretary - Thomas Kelly
    • licensing - Henry
    • committee - To supersede alias?
  • Already existing:
    • g3kmi - main account for domain
    • exams - Henry, Tyler and Phil
    • webmaster - David Newman and Cori
    • contact - forwards to sown committee alias but could have a list of people most likely to be able to deal with general external queries if we setup suws committee alias.

VHF Field Day

Phil is happy to take home any kit that'll need to go to site.

  • Transport
    • Phil can take 2 passengers from Soton on Saturday morning to arrive sometime 10:30 - 11am, returning to Soton at end of getout.
    • Murray can take 3 (or 4 at a squeeze) passengers (including Henry)
    • ...
    • Tom is arriving at Kintbury Station ~11am on Saturday morning - needs a lift to the site.
  • Food
    • Christian has got some - see irc.
  • Mast pole
    • Phil is picking up the base and guys.
    • Can also pick up sown susu mast afterwards?
  • Generator
    • To be picked up from Graeme
  • 2m yagi (from cage?)
    • PL259 Socket - do we have suitable coax for connection to ic7000 or do we need to borrow it?

EMF Planning

Outing page

  • Table and marquee ordering
  • Whos going?

Finance things

SUSU purchases

  • QSL Cards
    • Cards have arrived
  • what do we want in funding round 1
    • Pull up banner

Future Planning

Stock of people who need to pay for club kit used

  • Should be a book with the money tin to see what is outstanding
  • Stock items with purchaser unknown (according to last meeting minutes):
    • 1.6ish m of ladder line (pay Tyler)
    • 1 BNC connector (pay Tyler)
    • 1 BNC connector (pay Club)
    • 3m ish of RG58 (pay Tyler)
  • Remove section after exams, but some people have not turned up for a while.


  • Workshop progress
  • Update from SUSU / Estates and Facilities
    • Large setback, E&F have suddenly said no.
    • Tyler is talking to Kerry.
      • No response so far
  • Speak to person replacing Kerry (handover)

Basingstoke ARC Activities

  • Phil has received an email from Mark 2E0ECN, their chairman, asking if we're interested in the following:

  • 1 - 3 July - VHF Field Day, after the end of term.
    • Basingstoke club not able to attend.
    • 24h Contest on several bands - great fun! Can do joint entry as before if we commit early.
    • Land Rover with pump-up mast 2m and up. Use IC7000 as the 2m rig. We could put up an extra 6m mast but club does not have a 6m Yagi.
    • A mast can be put together.
    • Maximum of two stations
    • Numbers? How many attending? Create a doodle poll to see what parts of the weekend people can attend.
    • Power, vehicle has a large marine battery in the back however not happy with engine left to idle. Graham may have a generator or we could get some money to hire one.
    • Hannington -,-1.2068114,8554m/data=!3m1!1e3
      • Nice to have a regulated supply. Use Henry's DC power supply.
    • 13 August - Radio Fun Day
      • Chance to play with whatever, away from RF noise, other hams will be onsite.
    • 2 - 4 Sept - HF Field Day
      • Similar to VHF NFD, but on HF. Not one that the Uni club has entered before.
  • Move to the next meeting.
  • Phil has forwarded the email to the committee.

SUWS WordPress site

  • Can people upload any club photos taken within the past two years to the WordPress site
  • Can we make another blog post? One post per-term idea?
    • Murray will start writing

Callsign list update

  • Anyone not added new callsign after May exams?

Amateur Radio AOB

  • IC7000, two PL259 RF connectors on back. Modify the VHF connector to an N-type connection.
    • Attempted to print out labels but they fall off. Performance upgrade benefit, and will tell difference between VHF and HF connection. Take a club vote. Is it worth the risk?

Joint Agenda

Next month's events

VHF field day

This month's events

Storage shenanigans

  • Correct locations of kit on wiki.
  • Discuss storage location of new items.
    • End-fed Zepp in cupboard
    • Tripod mast in cage
    • Lock for the cage (split up to £17 three ways)
  • Still no padlock on cage with key.

Anyone need to be added to the mailing list?

  • AOB
  • Any talks for after exams?
    • Will there be enough people here for this to be worth while?


See SOWN Agenda