Club Stock

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Club stock

The club maintains a stock of common parts that can be purchased by our members. These can be used for both practical licence training and for member projects. Parts can be purchased at meetings or by speaking to members of the committee.

The price of items in club stocks is rounded up from their original bulk purchase price. This avoids us needing to deal with too much in small coins and allows us to put the extra funds back into increasing the range of items in club stocks and allowing us to have more of popular items.

List of items in club stocks

Note prices below are for reference only check on items for actual pricing

Item Cost Description
VFO Kit £10 each variable frequency oscillator kit for intermediate practicals
RG58 Coax coax for building patch cables and antenna feeds
450 ohm Ladderline ladder-line for building slimjim antennas or for HF feeder
BNC connectors for RG58 bnc connectors to fit RG58 coax
PL259 connectors for RG58 PL259 connectors to fit RG58 coax
Assorted gauge wire assorted gauges of wire that can be used for antenna elements or project wiring.

Potential Future items for club stocks

These items are not in club stocks but may be added at a future date, add your name below if you think we should keep an inventory of them

  • Anderson powerpole connectors
  • Ferrite cores. Low Priority
  • DC power cable
  • Heatshrink (various), for people to use.
  • BNC to SMA (for Baofeng), cheaper in bulk.
  • N-type connectors for the RG58. Not high priority.
  • Shift club funds to expand club stock?
  • Idea of buying a batch of Baofeng radios for people who have just received a foundation license or working towards it.
    • Need to consider other factors such as charging the lithium battery.
    • Quality, quantity? Cheaper in bulk.
    • Pre-orders from people, or do a bulk order and wait.
    • People to put down a deposit.
    • Give them a refund on their deposit if they fail the exam idea.