2016-17 Goals

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Here are listed the goals of the Amateur Radio side of the club for 2016-17.

  • Get two or three talks by external speakers that would be interesting to amateur radio and/or SOWN people.
    • Two weeks of introductory sessions for freshers (two different talks). Phil will give a talk.
    • Outing planning page?
    • Better-organised kit
      • Update the inventory
      • Allows much more spontaneous Common outings
    • More outings further afield once we're more used to doing outings (New Forest, etc.)
      • Evenings (Thursdays).
  • Mini-projects[1]
    • Try to talk to India?
    • Amateur radio wiki (for documenting all of amateur radio), at club-agnostic domain. Keep it all factual.
      • Create Amateur radio wiki, new project? For example more information on RF connections. Other clubs could use this. Idea of having two people to run this. Validation? Vote-people think this is a good idea.
    • More individual projects.
      • Henry- Amplifier
      • HF Beam
      • Morse Sounder
  • Idea of having interactive Morse code activity for family science open day.