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Workshop (to be) held from 11:00-17:00 on 2013/06/02 in Access Grid Room


Task list

  1. Take a look at the lead acid batteries.
    Building into power boxes?
    RAYNET Battery Box
    Batteries need testing. Sort out the bad ones.
    PowerPole Connectors
  2. Slim jims? Some still under construction.
  3. Dummy Loads -- Deferred until next workshop
    Murray, Henry & Helios ==> Helios to send details to scorpia
  4. Yagis
  5. Murray's 23cm Antenna ==> No bits to do
  6. Schmendrick is interested in designing a CW HF rig.
  7. Finish letter to G0BBB
  8. VNWA analysis of antennae and cables
  9. RF measurement with spectrum analyser
  10. Processing of kit donations
    Inventorised Rebecca's kit, including antennae and assorted goodies
  11. Operating afterwards?

Things Required

  1. Power Boxes
    Lead Acid Batteries
    sitting in cage
    Anderson Powerpoles
    order has been placed
    Banana Sockets
    not ordered yet
    Fuse Holders
    Large Wires
    B&Q Toolbox
  2. Yagis
    pvc pipe
    tape measures
    other hardware