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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2013/06/13 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

Current Affairs

Workshop review
Repeater sites
Zepler WebSDR+Discone
Explore the use of the top of the Physics building
helios to follow up.
ASTRA Globaltuner
Phil to chase iSolutions
Can't be moved
Letter about FT-920
Oakley Mast
Where are we going to store it? Graeme has offerred his garden.
Tyler & Phil to set a time to pick it up.
Power Boxes
Batteries are OK
Box is bought
No construction yet
FT-920 Case - Photo
Worked very well at the New Forest outing.
Perhaps it could come further forward to make the knobs easier to get at.
Graeme to finish tidying it up.
More License Exams?


HF Contests
80m CC
20th June for SSB see calendar for other dates.
New Forest TBC -- Weather permitting.
Pizza on the way up?
Phil to send details.
VHF Contests
6-7th July VHF NFD

Upcoming Events

Monday outreach
Tyler, Phil & Graeme. (Muzer will be SRing and Chris M might turn up.)
Primary school kids @ Garden Court
Map and pins
Analogue SSTV
20mins with groups of 10
October - JOTA w/ Bishops Waltham
Need fully licensed operator(s)
Might want our station kit as well.
Club generally seems up for it. Phil to contact them.
Field days - Basingstoke/IVARC
IVARC is organising one and wants people.
Phil to extend wiki page, organise doodle poll and post links here.
Wiki page

Any Other Business

Joint Agenda

Club affiliation
Blue balloon - Graeme to feedback on what commitments they would require of us.
SUSU still not sure which way is up.
Graeme: A job for the Secretary
Radio club and SOWN
CAVEAT: Some of the SOWN kit is owned by ECS
We will specify an owner field for all fields to stop SUSU doing evil.
Come up with a H&S policy
Graeme to fill in details here.


19:00-20:00 SOWN Meeting (no agenda)