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Outing (to be) held from 09:00-18:00 on 2020/03/14 in/on location to be confirmed


Science and Engineering Family Day

The planning for this is in progress. Please contact Freddie (M0KYT) if you are interested in helping at all during the day.

Time and Location

Location will be on Highfield Campus. The event opens at 10:30 and closes at 16:30. We will need to arrive earlier in order to move kit and generally organise ourselves.


  • Support
    • Radio Power supply
    • Books
    • Cool things
  • SSTV demo
    • Pi sstv unit
      • PSU
      • mounting bits
    • FT8900
    • laptop
      • Soundcard (Depending on laptop)
    • radio link cable (Tyler)
      • antenna for FT8900 (Tyler)
    • explainer sheet
  • GSM demo (Josh)
    • GSM basestation
    • GSM handsets
    • explainer sheet
  • Morse code
    • Morse key
      • optional: iambic morse key
    • Morse sounder (Ic7000 as backup)
    • Morse cheat sheet
    • Morse pre recorded demos/software to play morse
      • Laptop for demos
  • Actual radio
    • Flight case
      • Ft920
    • Mast
    • antennas
      • as many as can fit
      • 160M beam
      • HF beam