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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2016/04/21 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

Licence exams

  • Scheduling for practical work --- N/A
    • Soldering Coaxial Connections
  • Next exams: Fri 6th May, deadline: 22nd April.
    • Applicants: Arihant for Advanced, David Young for Intermediate, Freddie for Advanced, Mohit for Foundation, Josh for Advanced, Caroline for Foundation.

SUSU fundings

  • Antenna Bags
    • Purchased and money claimed
  • End fed zep (250 W)
    • purchased
    • Thanks to Gwhip for the discount
  • Tripod mast
    • not purchaced yet
  • HF Beam Balun
    • Purchased
  • QSL Cards (Week set back)
    • Unknown

Kempton Rally

  • The end fed zep and the balun were purchased at the rally
    • More kit for outing!
  • Mag mount antenna's (not club purchase)
    • Giant oscillator bought (not club purchase)

Updating Email Aliases

  • committee (at)
  • webmaster (at) and (at)
  • exams (at)
  • contact (at)
    • Can we get people's email addresses who are on the committee.
  • Exam secretary and a few others to be added to the exams address, which is an account but will be turned into an alias.
  • Murray, Russell, Colin to be removed from the committee
  • People who need to be added: Cori, Tom, Freddie.

Future Planning

Stock of people who need to pay for club kit used

  • Should be a book with the money tin to see what is outstanding
  • Stock items with purchaser unknown (according to last meeting minutes):
    • 1.6ish m of ladder line (pay Tyler)
    • 1 BNC connector (pay Tyler)
    • 1 BNC connector (pay Club)
    • 3m ish of RG58 (pay Tyler)


  • Workshop progress
  • Update from SUSU / Estates and Facilities
    • Large setback, E&F have suddenly said no.
    • Tyler is talking to Kerry.
      • No response so far

Basingstoke ARC Activities

  • Phil has received an email from Mark 2E0ECN, their chairman, asking if we're interested in the following:
    • 14 May - Radio Fun Day at 2015 VHF NFD Site
      • Chance to play with whatever, away from RF noise, other hams will be onsite.
    • 1 - 3 July - VHF Field Day, after the end of term.
      • 24h Contest on several bands - great fun! Can do joint entry as before if we commit early.
    • 13 August - Radio Fun Day
      • Chance to play with whatever, away from RF noise, other hams will be onsite.
    • 2 - 4 Sept - HF Field Day
      • Similar to VHF NFD, but on HF. Not one that the Uni club has entered before.
  • Move to the next meeting.
  • Phil has forwarded the email to the committee.

SUWS WordPress site

  • Can people upload any club photos taken within the past two years to the WordPress site
  • Can we make another blog post?

Callsign list update

  • Anyone not added new callsign after December exams?

Amateur Radio AOB

  • Anything?

Joint Agenda

Next month's events

Revision Session? (Doodle)

This month's events

    • Doing 2016-04-28
      • Outing (weather permitting), Common or grass outside SUSU. Followed optionally by Cowherds. Trial run for summer outing formula.

Storage shenanigans

  • Correct locations of kit on wiki.
  • Discuss storage location of new items.
    • End-fed Zepp in cupboard
    • Tripod mast in cage
    • Lock for the cage (split up to £17 three ways)

Club funds

  • None of our own un-ringfenced money to be reserved for mast any more
  • Mast money should be spent on things on the mast funding application, but would also be useful for the club in the meantime (even if the mast doesn't go ahead)

Anyone need to be added to the mailing list?

AOB (Joint)

Cage lock situation


See SOWN Agenda