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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2014/12/04 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

Licence Exams

  • People getting books from Henry
  • Date: Monday 8th December @ 19:00
  • Who is around to invigilate?
    • David
  • Upcoming exams - room booking?
    • Room booking tbc with daveruss
      • Dave doesn't remember being asked to book a room
  • Practical stuff pending for all
  • Henry is doing the practicals this week.
  • Let's not do practicals during meetings


  • Next outing date, location and plan
  • General interest in outing
    • After exams in Jan
  • Make a definitive list for things we need for outings.

SUSU Antenna Array

  • What did we get a various auctions since last week?
    • Arrangements for the society to pay members who have bought something
    • IVARC auction
      • Reel of RG213 (Henry) @ £35
      • Rotator controller cable (Henry) @ £25
      • Triplexer (Henry) @ £10
  • What do we still need?
    • See rotator page
    • Antennas!
      • See details on rotator page???? (Where is it?)
  • Contacting E&F and SUSU Estates
    • No news
  • Speaking with other societies/SUSU
    • Nobody except Astronomy Soc turned up because of the Christmas lights
    • We need to reschedule
  • Any other updates?
    • Funding applications are closed, we missed them
    • Raphael noted Astronomy Society may want access to mast
  • Potential Problems with room in SUSU
    • may be being made an office again


  • Any more information / contact with CubeSat group
    • No update (Phil absent).

Shack in SUSU

  • Tyler was setting up a Doodle poll for meeting. What meeting was this? Has it already happened?
    • See above.


  • Wiki page | Google Doc
  • A few tweaks/finalisations required
    • Add VHF NFD, make it and end of academic year newsletter.
      • Collect VHF NFD pictures.
  • We need a list of people to whom to send it.
    • Phil is working on it.

QSL Cards

  • QSL card design competition
    • Photos taken at VHF NFD
    • Please design/submit designs ASAP.
    • Closing date TBD (but probably once we have funding for them)
    • Funding - see joint agenda
  • Received QSL cards
    • Tyler has them
    • We need to figure out what to do with them - scan them? Put them in an album?
  • ON HOLD until funding applications done.

Chilbolton Atmospheric Radio Observatory

  • Mentioned by Quintin - could probably get a free visit/tour as a uni club.
    • Maybe a good activity for 2014-15 newbies?
  • There is a pub nearby
    • No Update - Phil Absent.

Joint Agenda

Outstanding membership fees (Darren)

  • £10 for students
  • £15 for staff/society alumni


  • Funding round 2
    • We missed it
    • We'll have to use funding round 3
    • Make sure everything is ready in time this time

Mailing List and Wiki

  • Mailing list additions (Dave N)
  • New wiki accounts (Dave N)

Lifetime Members

  • See email from contactus


  • Additional key for Henry
    • Check this is OK with Joyce.
    • Contact the University locksmith in building 35.
    • Not done yet - Not contacted Joyce.
  • Do we now have a signout book for books/kit
    • Henry feels some more needed for club.
    • Another 2 to be ordered (Darren has OK'd)
  • Do we now have stickers for the books (Darren)
    • No



See SOWN Agenda