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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2014/11/06 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

Licence Exams

  • Next exam dates: List of full exam dates here
  • Send an email, Henry

OfCom Proposals?

  • Was looked at last time
  • OfCom webpage
  • Do we want to respond as a club (if it's still open)?
    • If we can do, we can do it in the doing next week.


  • Outing happened two weeks ago
    • Not many contacts; quite a lot of noise
    • Issues with forgetting kit caused a very delayed start
    • We should make a definitive list of what we need for outings
  • Upcoming rallies and similar events
  • Trips to IVARC / Southampton ARC meetings
    • Next Friday (14th) is IVARC auction. I can give a lift if people want to come. I will send out an email.



They want a ground station, and have been asking SUSF. Maybe we could help?

They asked us to meet them a couple of weeks ago. They said they couldn't make it when we were meeting, and I haven't heard back since.

  • They are looking for someone to build a ground station (all of it)
    • Not using our antenna array as they want exclusive use. They're trying to get one on top of City Gateway.
      • Once they have a site they would be open for giving the radio club use as long as we don't interfere when they need to use it.

Shack in SUSU

  • Our old shack (office) is being turned into a meeting room.
  • Plan to try to get a corner in it for use as a shack when there's no meeting (or remote control when there is a meeting)
  • Had meeting with SUSU about this. It went well, the VP for Democracy and Creative Industries seems supportive of the idea.
  • Tyler is setting up a Doodle poll for meeting.


  • Wiki page | Google Doc
  • A few tweaks/finalisations required
    • Add VHF NFD, make it and end of academic year newsletter.
      • Collect VHF NFD pictures.
  • We need a list of people to whom to send it.
    • Phil is working on it.

QSL Cards

  • QSL card design competition
    • Photos taken at VHF NFD
    • Please design/submit designs ASAP.
    • Closing date TBD (but probably once we have funding for them)
    • Funding - see joint agenda

  • Received QSL cards
    • Tyler has them
    • We need to figure out what to do with them - scan them? Put them in an album?

Chilbolton Atmospheric Radio Observatory

  • Mentioned by Quintin - could probably get a free visit/tour as a uni club.
    • Maybe a good activity for 2014-15 newbies?
  • There is a pub nearby

Joint Agenda

Give Darren Money

  • Memberships are due, prices for the year are £10 for a student and £15 for staff/society alumni, and morse


  • Moving to Creative Industries zone
    • I will chase this up, not heard anything
  • Funding round 2
    • Mast only
    • Prices for antennas, etc. (we want to buy them, since we can't afford things to break)
  • General discussion about matters SUSU

Mailing List

  • Anyone else need to be added to suws-members list?

Wiki logins

  • Talk to Dave N


  • We have a cupboard outside Zepler level 3 labs (north)
  • Joyce and Tyler have keys
    • We want Henry to have a key too, if possible. Henry will ask Joyce.
  • We need a signing book for kit
  • We need stickers for the books, Darren will sort these out.


Doing agenda

What to do next week in the doing. Please do not remove this section.

Ofcom consultation response

Write a quick email stating that we agree with the RSGB.

Outing items list

Make a definitive list for things we need for outings.

Finalising mast plans

Especially re funding.


See SOWN Agenda