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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2014/08/14 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

New UHF/VHF transceiver

  • Testing new UHF/VHF transceiver
    • It works
  • Dave Newman needs to get the money back for it

Licence Exams

  • List of full exam dates here
  • Kirk Martinez passed foundation exam on 23rd July.
  • Morse invigilating an exam Tuesday 19th (or maybe Wednesday 20th) August. Can someone let him in?

Chilbolton Atmospheric Radio Observatory

  • Mentioned by Quintin - could probably get a free visit/tour as a uni club.
    • Maybe a good activity for 2014-15 newbies?


  • VHF Field day 05/07/2014 -> 06/07/2014 - it happened. It went well. We still don't know how well we did yet.
  • 6m station was not logging in UTC. Fix this for next time.
  • We need a new site for next year - what do we need to tell land owners?
  • Can we collate the good photos on the photos page?

Spring End of academic year 2014 Newsletter Finalisation

  • Newsletter
    • [1] [2]
      • A few tweaks/finalisations required
        • Add VHF NFD, make it and end of academic year newsletter.
          • Henry will write the VHF NFD section and finalise the newsletter as a whole.
      • We need a list of people to whom to send it.

QSL Cards

  • Design required
    • Existing Design by Graeme
    • QSL card design competition - deadline when we get the funding
      • Take photos at VHF NFD
      • Please design/submit designs now.
      • Closing date TBD.
  • Funding - see joint agenda
  • Received ones
    • Tyler has them
    • We need to figure out what to do with them - scan them? Put them in an album?

Shack in SUSU

  • Our old shack (office) is being turned into a meeting room, maybe
  • Plan to try to get a corner in it for use as a shack when there's no meeting (or remote control when there is a meeting)


  • Would require us spending time/money putting our antennas back on our mast - funding application next year
  • Ideas: 23cm at bottom, SURGE FM broadcast above that (we'd help them get back on the air), HF antenna of some sort, 70cm+2cm with dual-band rotator, triband 2m/70cm/other vertical antenna on top of that.
  • Silly idea: large SUWS flag on top concealing a loop antenna
  • Ask SUSU TV if they're interested (short-range camera links)
  • SOWN WiFi by coordinates
  • Space Flight Society ARE interested in helping us.
  • We have: Rotator, triband vertical, poles
  • To build: 2m Yagi, 70cm Yagi, remote control computer
  • To fix: HF antenna
  • We might not have enough: coax
  • Darren recommends finding a more suitable zone, eg Creative Industries (since that's where everyone else is).
  • We probably shouldn't change zone until Dave has his money.
  • Maybe go to SUSU and encourage them so that it will be voted on by the council as a joint thing.

  • We should start talking to other societies, to see if they are interested.
  • We should tell someone in SUSU that we're doing this.
  • Tyler and Murray will start talking soon.

Joint Agenda



  • Plans for Freshers / new members
    • Deferred
  • AOB
    • Daveruss to investigate booking of SR1 over the summer and beyond.


See SOWN Agenda