Amateur Radio Licensing

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If you are looking to get licensed you will need to contact your local Amateur Radio Club, you can find listings on the RSGB website here.

For information on the Courses available at Southampton University Wireless Society, click here.

Foundation Licence

This is the first step in Amateur Radio Licensing. A knowledge of basic Electronics, some simple Radio and Antenna theory as well as familiarisation with the relevant Licensing Regulations and Operating Procedures is required to pass the exam.

You do not need any experience in Electronics, or even be able to solder to achieve this! For more information see our Foundation Syllabus Page.

This Licence will entitle you to:

  • Use of the Amateur bands in HF through 70cm, as well as 10GHz.
  • Use of 10W output power on most bands, (except when specified.)
  • An M3xxx or M6xxx callsign of your choice (as long as it is not already taken.)

Our Club has achieved talking to Florida, USA on approximately 15W output power using a wire antenna 5 foot off the ground, albeit a lot less than an Advanced Licensee is allowed to use, 10W is still fun!

Intermediate Licence

TBW. See our Intermediate Syllabus Page.

Advanced Licence

TBW. See our Advanced Syllabus Page.