Foundation Syllabus

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This page contains some information useful to candidates preparing for the Foundation License Course.

The recommended book for this course is Foundation License Now! It is very cheap and contains all the Technical Basics as well as Licensing Regulations and Operating Procedures, all explained in a clear and easy to understand fashion.


Latest version of the Foundation Syllabus (Published January 2015 for exams after 1st July 2011)

Sample Papers


If you want more questions to practice with, try Hamtests. It's free, you just need to create an account and select 'UK Amateur Radio' → 'Foundation Level'.

List of practical assessments

These are required to be done before the exam takes place:

  • VHF contact
    • Tune to a voice and a data signal
    • Use of squelch, frequency and audio gain settings
    • Make a CQ call
    • Change of frequency
  • HF contact
    • Make a CQ call
    • Tune to an SSB voice signal and a Morse code signal
    • Exchange of signal report
    • Use of frequency, clarifier, audio gain, RF gain, microphone gain
    • Use of antenna tuner
  • Other
    • Correct connection of a radio
    • VHF dipole tuning
    • Morse code
    • Demonstrate operation of an LED

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