Intermediate Syllabus

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This page contains some information useful to candidates preparing for the Intermediate License Course.

The recommended book for this course is Intermediate Licence - Building on the Foundation. This book is presented in the same style as Foundation License Now! and covers all the areas that you are required to know for the Intermediate Exam and the Practical portions of the Course.


Latest version of the Intermediate Syllabus (Published August 2013 for exams after 1st June 2009)

Sample Papers


If you want more questions to practice with, try Hamtests. It's free, you just need to create an account and select 'UK Amateur Radio' ⇒ 'Intermediate Level'.

List of practical assessments

These must be completed before the exam is taken.

  • VFO construction
    • PCB soldering
    • Demonstration of transistors and diodes
    • Debug of circuit
    • Calibration of VFO
  • Soldering a coaxial cable
    • Can be PL-259 or BNC connection
  • Wiring a UK mains plug

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