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Workshop (to be) held from 15:00-19:00 on 2024-01-28 in B32 L3 North Server Room


Task list

  • Investigate hardware failure on BACKUP-B32-1.
    • Remove from Icinga1 IPv6 matrix checks
    • Move firewall canary checks.
  • Sort out duplicate accounts and access issue using SSO.
  • Require Move SSO to CONTAINERS-3 and retire KEYCLOAK VM.
  • Investigate Traefik proxy issues on CONTAINERS-2.
  • Setup monitoring for dockerised services (prometheus?)
  • Discussion about content for SOWN website - content mapping exercise
  • Finish build for new GW-B53 and SWITCH-B53.
  • Sort out laminated operating paperwork for G3KMI.
  • Finish migrating VMS-B32-1 LXC containers from ButterFS storage pool.