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Workshop (to be) held from 15:00-19:00 on 2023-11-12 in B32 L3 North Server Room


This is a first opportunity for new people to get involved, so we will mainly focus on explaining what SOWN does how it works and the software and hardware we use.

Meet at north entrance of Building 32 at 3pm. If you are running late contact us on #sown on SUWS' Discord server.

Things for new members

If you can, bring your own laptop with you.

  • Tour of the B32 server room SOWN is in.
  • Set them up on SOWN's SSO (Authentik).
  • Show them round NetBox and how it provides a digital representation of SOWN's presence in B32 and B53 server rooms.
  • Show them Icinga and how we monitor the SOWN network.
  • Add them to the SOWN organisation on GitHub.
  • Explain any other SOWN technologies in which they are interested
  • Get then to assist with some of the tasks below.

Task list

  • Fix the RAID check on GW-B32. (Hopefully just re-running Ansible playbook).
  • Get some VMs migrated/converted from VMS-B32-1 (Wok using KVM/QEMU) to VMS-B53-1 (LXD).
  • Test the new USB to dual serial cable needed when we deploy new servers to B53.
  • Merge users who have multiple accounts on SSO.
  • sort out the hosting for the new website
    • create a beta.sown domain and ideally a beta domain for Suws too
  • Further tasks TBD.