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Workshop (to be) held from 15:00-19:00 on 2023-06-10 in B32 L3 North Server Room


Task list

  • Add existing web systems to authentik
    • SUWS wiki
      • Done and MediaWiki upgraded to 1.39.3. New usernames will need to be used so they correspond with username in authentik.
      • Fixed the timelines for Workshops, Meetings, Outings and Socials so they now display like Events
      • Given up with RSS / iCal exports for events as no one really uses them and they have been broken for a while.
    • SUWS WordPress
      • Done and fixed issues with upgrading WordPress, Now running 6.2.2.
      • Also upgraded all plugins needing upgrading.
      • Removed all of the twenty... themes and upgraded the parent "Iconic One" theme.
      • Removed the iCal link (from the wiki) as this has been discontinued.
      • Updated RSGB icon, so "RSGB" is more readable.
      • Installed WP Mail SMTP plugin. Configured to relay to Postfix on the server hosting the the WordPress Docker container (modified mynetworks and inet_interfaces in /etc/postfix/
      • Still issues sending emails to SUWS contact email address from the form. This looks to be an SPF issues with (but not with, which David Newman has raised a ticket with iSolutions to fix.

  • Sort out alerts reporting on Icinga2 (some we do not control, some we can fix):
    • PROCS/GW-B32 - Should we change the procs checks more generally to not include kernel thread (e.g. check_procs -k)
    • EXT-PING checks - These are dependent on the UoS network, so really only need notifications in extreme circumstances and ideally one in total rather than one for every IP.
      • Modified monitoring config on MONITOR2 matching on service's command_endpoint and setting times.begin = 15m.
      • Only modified for Discord service notifications and not IRC service notifications so they can be compared.
      • Will create a pull request when we have confirmation this issue fixed.

  • Take a look at Warpgate - For SSO backed SSH login.
    • Tim and Dan took a look at this and found some aspects are not yet mature.
    • Need to consider whether to wait or maybe make the modifications we need ourselves?

  • Switch configuration automation
    • Tyler was looking at using Ansible to help deploy/check/maintain switch configuration.
    • Able to login to the switch through Ansible
    • Was able to read and compare the config
    • Able to generate the config out of Netbox but some work needed to get these to align.
    • This may also be useful for backing up switch configuration so we won't need Oxidized

  • KMIBot developments
    • Dan and Tim have made some modifications