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Workshop (to be) held from 15:00-20:00 on 2023-05-21 in Building 32


Task list

  • New switches
    • SWITCH-B32 was already racked
      • Setup a crosslink and gradually moved interfaces across including SFP.
      • Powered down old switch. New switch is on UPS.

  • Authentik for user authentication (rather than Keycloak)
    • Dan has set this up on
    • Can currently log users into monitor2 (Icinga 2) and netbox.
    • Dave has created a source application for Soton authentication ans submitted a ticket to iSolutions for registering an app with Azure AD.
    • Can be configured for other applications (e.g. Mediawiki, WordPress, etc.) and for SSH into servers using LDAP.

  • Website issues
    • Tyler will setup a basic web host as a Docker container on marconi
    • Dave will get the DNS for to point at marconi. He will need to check on what currently points as this from other applications first.