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Workshop (to be) held from 15:00-20:00 on 2023-03-12 in B32 L3 North Server Room


Task list

Upgrade AUTH2 to Ubuntu 20.04

Hopefully last ever OS upgrade for AUTH2. So we can completely remove Quagga and BGP.

  • Successfully upgraded but included few snags
    • PHP 5.6 ondrej package repository needed to be re-enabled and packages upgraded
    • /usr/bin/php needed to be repointed from 8.2 to 5.6
    • Disabled most strict modes for newly upgraded MySQL v8.0.32
    • Kohana's /srv/www/default/application/classes/model/entity.php need to be manually updated to always set $this->lastModified = new \DateTime(); in save function. Otherwise Kohana tries to initially explicitly set this to NULL but should not be set so the database can do this automatically because of this config: `last_modified` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP COMMENT 'time the row was last modified',
    • FreeRadius 3 config needed re-inserting /etc/freeradius/3.0/
    • OpenVPN issues:
      • To be documented
    • Apache issues:
      • SOWN's ca.key was too small.
      • More to be documented
  • Quagga was successfully removed and now only Bird2 remains which uses OSPF

New SG350-28 Switches

  • Connected current console cable for Cisco 3750G and was immediately able to establish a session through GW-B32.
  • Finish installing (using Ansible playbooks) new GW servers.
  • Console interface looks much like that for certain DLink/NetGear managed switches
  • Tim upgraded both switches to latest firmware using FAT32 formatted USB pen
  • Tyler was able to directly import this device into NetBox

Rack second replacement UPS

  • First replacement UPS successfully unracked and placed in the corner of the server room.
  • Box for second replacement UPS retained if first replacement needs to be returned.
  • Old rack rails for original UPS thrown away (in WEEE cage).
  • One of new set of UPS rack rails installed.
  • Network module from first replacement UPS moved to second replacement.
  • Second replacement UPS racked and powered up with no issues.
  • All redundant power supplies server have one PSU connected to UPS, including lear and goneril from OFERTIE project. KVM, GW-B32 and BACKUP-B32-1 also connected on their single PSU.
  • Switch not yet transferred. Will wit until next workshop when we have confidence in new UPS.
  • Tyler has modelled power connections in NetBox.
  • Unused cables with second replacement UPS put in Misc RUB box.
  • Unused rack rails, vertical mounting brackets and instruction booklets taken down to Dave's office.

IPMI monitoring checks

No progress

Move VMs from VMS-B32-1 to VMS-B53-1

No progress

SUWS Wiki Issues

  • Still some issues with timelines for SUWS Meetings, Outings and Workshops wiki pages.
    • No progress
  • Links to RSS and iCal feeds do not work
    • PHP file for generated simple URLs for these needs to be deployed within Docker.

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Tyler tidied up the various cables in the back of the rack.
  • Tyler took photos of front of servers and added to NetBox.