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Workshop (to be) held from 15:00-20:00 on 2023-02-11 in Building 32


Task list

  • Remove excessive RAM from NEW-1 server
  • Install new servers with Ubuntu 22.04 on both NEW-1 and NEW-2
  • Finish sorting out Marconi restore
    • Install Semantic Result Formats MediaWiki plugin and configure. Check to see if Events and Projects pages now work properly.
    • Make bespoke version of the Personal Tools and Page Tools menus so they show text rather than just icons in the wiki's grey top menu bar.
    • Reinstate the Next Event bar at the top of the page to the left of the social media icons
    • Update to Google analytics 4
  • Create new VM for managing authentication and install [1] using a Docker container
  • Migrate VMS-B32-1 VMs to VMS-B53-1 and convert into LXD containers
  • Start building new servers into replacement gateway servers
  • Add Zepler WebSDR page to WordPress to remove SUWS WebSDR we recently removed as WebSDR at Farnham no longer exists.
    • Archive information about the defunct Farnham WebSDR somewhere.


  • SUWS Wiki / WordPress
    • Google Analytics is not active after the rebuild of marconi and will therefore not be migrated.
    • Wiki's Semantic Results Format extension has been re-installed to display events timelines.
    • The wiki Projects page has been fixed, required removing the ? symbols before the variable name.
    • Namespaces for Meeting, Workshop, Outing, Inventory, ItemType and ItemState (including talk namespaces) have been updated to use numbers not used by Semantic Mediawiki. mw_pages mw_smw_ids namespace fields have been updated to use these new numbers.
    • Tyler reckons everything related to these wiki changes shouls sort themselves out over time.
  • Gateway server builds
    • NEW-1 has had its excessive memory removed to reduce it back to 16GB.
    • NEW-1 has taken a 4-port network card out of Goneril, so we can configure the real interfaces but still have network access. If we used a real intefrcae this could conflict with existing gateway server.
    • NEW-1 and NEW-2 have been installed with Ubuntu 22.04
    • NEW-1 has been renamed to GW-B32-NEW
    • NEW-2 had been renamed to GW-B53-NEW
  • Keycloak for SSO
    • New guest VM deployed on VMS-B53-1 with hostname and CNAME
    • Request to register these hostnames on SOWN's external DNS have been raised as an iSolutions ticket.
    • Keycloak has been installed as a Docker container on this VM.