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Workshop (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2018/09/06 in Mountbatten Common Room


Task list

  • Investigate suitable room for new academic room:
    • Requirements
      • Movable tables/chairs
      • Digital projector
      • Plenty of power sockets
      • Disabled accessiblity
      • Capacity?
    • Room suggestions
    • Should we have different bigger room for intro meeting?

  • Any SUSU business (e.g. Bunfight, funding, etc.)

  • WordPress
    • Finish and publish end of semester one blog post. Maybe make in to academic year in review post.
    • Write EMF camp blog post

  • Plan calendar for 2018-19

  • Review Projects
    • Close complete projects
    • Reassign project leads where appropriate
    • Suspend projects with no significant progress
    • New project ideas