SUSU Antenna Array/rotator

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Rotator Info

Rotator is a kenpro dual axis rotator. This is the same as the Yaesu G5400 (Yaesu bought kenpro and re-branded their kit). The rotator was bought second hand but doesn't appear to have been used before we acquired it.

Useful Parts Info

  • Housing Screw (52) on Azimuth rotator are 1mm pitch, 5.8mm dia, 20mm long.
    • Link [1]
    • Price £5.03 (Pack of 50, inc. VAT)
  • Grease
    • 'White Lithium Grease' appears to be to be the most widely recommended, is typically used on wheel bearings.
    • Castrol Lithium Grease

Refurbishment Details

Refurbishment tasks

  • Re-grease the rotator
  • Inspect all gears
  • Inspect potentiometers
  • Clean and refinish case
  • Replace external bolts
  • Install internal temperature sensor.

Azimuth refurbishment info

  • Looks good internally, has been cleaned and regressed.
  • external screws want replacing
  • was originally installed upside down
  • thermal fuse is just taped on look at using jubilee clip

Elevation refurbishment info

  • Unable to open rotator screws are well sealed