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Outing (to be) held from 11:00-16:00 on 2011/05/07 in/on Grass between Students' Union buildings


The Southampton University May Festival was an event for the Student's Union to showcase the activities that it and the SU Societies are involved in.

The Wireless Society took this chance to set up G3KMI as a portable station. Both as a demonstration of the Society, and as a chance to get the club callsign on air!



  • HF
    • Random wire tuned for 20m
    • Half-size G5RV
  • 144MHz
    • GP-15 co-linear on the mast.
    • Homebuilt J-pole


The location was not found to be favourable on HF and only one contact was made on SSB, attempts were made at PSK31, however the RF when transmitting was found to lock up laptop's trackpads, making completion of a QSO very difficult.

On 144MHz however several FM simplex contacts were made with much interest in the story behind the return of the Club callsign.



Pre-requisite Tasks

  • Table Application - Done (HeliosFA)
  • Table Location selection (mike)
  • Club Callsign Application - Done, will hopefully be issued by the 26/4/2011 Ofcom STILL awaiting payment to clear (HeliosFA)
  • Order vinyl banner - Done - Delivery by 26/4/2011 Delivered(HeliosFA)
  • Power - Options and equipment availble (mike)
    • Hopefully use C32 in Bridge bar, 32A cable, PDU and 4 ways - Agreed with SU
    • If not run on 16A cable from Bridge or West Ref OR 32A from WestRef
  • Get information of location and height of antenna /other wires and method of fixing mast to Jenna for Risk assessment - Done 4/5/2011 (HeliosFA, mike, phil)
    • Main mast in pit by stags entrance. Mount VHF/UHF on top (GP15) and end of a HF Wire (on pully)
    • short mast on other side of foot path to take coax above head height ?
    • Mountings for other long wires ?
    • Mountings for other VHF/UHF antennas ?
  • Apply for R regional identifier for club call - Done abandoned as callsign was not issued by deadline (HeliosFA)
  • Build SUWS Website - (phil)
  • Raise awareness with local community/amateur radio operators
    • Event has been posted on IVARC website. Will do a post soon and a "shout" (HeliosFA)
    • Contact local amateurs and let them know
      • Have contacted a few - Brian (IVARC), Andy (M0IED), Cheryl (G8XIX) and David (M0XIX) (HeliosFA)

Day Goals

  • SOWN
    • Show off interesting kit
    • Allow community signups

  • Ham Radio
    • Show off amateur radio
    • raise interest and try to get more members
    • have first long-distance contact with the club callsign


NB: Names only mentioned by first mention of an item. Later mentions are indicated with ()

  • Main Mast - 6 sections tied to south side railings of foot path (mike)
    • GP15 (mike)
    • End of G5RV (mike)
    • Beam (phil)
    • Feeder for GP15 - N Connector (mike)
    • Feeder for Beam (???? mike can provide W103 with N plugs)
  • Secondary mast - 5 small sections guyed at end of grass area ()
    • end of G5RV ()
  • Long wire - Attached to corner of Bridge bar (HeliosFA)
  • Station 1 - PSK31
    • FT101 (Club)
    • SWR meter (club / mike)
    • Tuner (HeliosFA)
    • Long wire ()
  • Station 2 - HF SSB
    • TS-2000 (mike)
    • Tuner (mike)
    • G5RV ()
    • PSU (mike)
    • Could also take the GP15 (or some bands worth) for VHF/UHF ()
  • Station 4 - 2m Multimode
    • 2m Beam (phil)
    • GP15 ()
    • TR751 (phil)
    • PSU (mike or use same as FT1900)
  • Other assorted Odd and Ends
    • CB mobile rig (mike (HeliosFA)
    • CB handhelds (mike)
    • FT817 (mike) - Would be nice if we can get some good QRP contacts

Equipment List

  • SOWN
    • Parabolic Dish
    • meraki
    • laptop for signups
    • Alix Board

  • Ham Radio
    • FT-101 (club)
    • SWR Meter (club)
    • Mast from Denis (Club)
    • 11 section 20m Mast (mike)
      • 6 sections for main 10m mast.
      • other sections available for guiding power cables etc
    • GP15 (6/2/70) (mike)
    • Doublet (converted g5rv) (mike)
    • Antenna Tuner (mike)
    • FT-1900 2m Rig (HeliosFA)
    • DX394 receiver (HeliosFA)
    • TS2000 (mike)
    • FT817 (mike)
    • 3cm ATV / Mobile Camera System (phil)
    • 2m Multimode (phil)
    • 2m 3el yagi (phil)
    • Balanced Feeder (mike)
    • VHF/UHF feeder (westflex 103) (mike)
    • Rope / string / twine ... (mike) and anyone else
    • assorted benders etc
    • Log book (mike)