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Outing (to be) held from 11:00-19:00 on 2017/06/03 in/on Southampton Common


It's around the right time of year for a little post-exams radio extravaganza! Probably another trip to the Common, meeting in the Gower car park around 11 to fetch things from the cupboard and cage. Exact plan to be decided at the meeting on Thursday, but there will definitely be some HF operation, maybe some more fun data modes, maybe testing Tyler's dipole ideas.

Things we will need

To be filled in with a rough plan of who's bringing what so that we can make sure we have the right bits and the correct quantity of food.

  • Club
    • IC-7000
    • Table
    • Battery
    • Powerpole distro
    • 20m end-fed
    • Coax and adapters
    • Banners
    • Outing box
    • Morse box
    • dipole wire
  • David Y
    • IC-7000
    • Box of coax adapters
    • Laptop
    • Interface for IC-7000, with associated gubbins
    • Small disposable barbecue
    • Matches/lighter
    • Tools
    • Assorted PL259 and BNC patch cables
    • 20m end-fed
    • Emergency yellow string
    • 2m slim-jim
    • Longish BNC
    • SOWN node
  • Cori
    • FT-991
    • 5m RG213 with PL259 connectors
    • Small Patch cable
    • Slimjim
    • 2m/70cm tunable dipole.
    • Laptop
    • USB-B cable (for data to FT-991)
    • Random Connectors
  • Tyler
    • Dipole Core
    • BBQ
    • radio test hardware
  • Laurie
    • Car
    • IC-7000
    • IC-7000 interface
  • Josh
    • Battery
    • IC-7000
    • 20m end-fed
    • 2m colinear

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Plates
  • Barbecue utensils
  • Mayo
  • Handies
  • Trolley for the club battery?

Lessons learned

  • We should work more VHF, it's apparently pretty good for finding old club members
  • A lot of the people who use the common on a Saturday aren't students, based on the average number of clients connected to the SOWN node being around 20
  • The tuner needs a 9v power supply to operate the relay that engages the dummy load. Club project: DC-DC converter with powerpole inlet and 9v output for standalone operation
  • A flight case full of batteries with robust wheels would be a useful addition to the outing kit