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Outing (to be) held from 11:00-20:00 on 2017/05/14 in/on Southampton Common


Little outing to the Common as the weather is looking good for the weekend.

Arrival around 11:00 around SUSU and then we'll grab bits from the cage and the cupboard. As always, keep an ear out on 145.350. The plan is for a barbecue lunch with some HF operation, playing around with wifi kit, maybe some satellite stuff.

Things we will need

  • IC-7000 x4
  • Table
  • Battery
  • Powerpole distro
  • Tripod mast and guying kit
  • 20m end-fed
  • 2m yagi
  • 70cms yagi
  • Coax and adapters
  • Barbecueable food (for yourself, plus to share if you fancy)
  • Disposable plates
  • Water/other drinks
  • Laptops, if that's your thing
  • Handies
  • Assorted tools

Lessons Learned

  • We need some string winders for the guys
  • We need more IC-7000s
  • More string?
  • JT65 is a thing
  • Bring the banners as apparently we look distinctive enough to incite conversation


  • missing split ring washer from 2m yagi