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Outing (to be) held from 14:00 on 2012/07/07 - 14:00 on 2012/07/08 in/on Off A339 Northwest of Basingstoke


This is the page for the 2012 VHF National Field Day.

We have put in a joint application with Basingstoke ARC, they will be using their club call on 4m and 6m, we will be using G3KMI/P on 2m and 70cm.


Thursday Night - Meeting

  • Go through kit list to see if we've forgotten anything/everything.
  • Power - do we have the right/enough cables for everything.
  • Plan assembling of kit on Friday.

Friday Night

  • Assemble as much kit as possible into Phil's car, the rest into Morse's car.
  • Food run to asda?


  • Phil will take car up, pick Henry up from Basingstoke station at 8:40 and aim to be on-site by 9am.
  • Morse will follow with Chris O and Chris P.
  • Contest starts at 3pm local time.


  • Morning - G3KMI HF Net - Andrew, Graeme?
  • 3pm Contest Ends

I propose we have an evening early next week where we get together and clean the tents/tarps, as many do not belong to us and we'd like to be able to borrow them in the future!


We will be sharing a site used by the Basingstoke ARC, the site is ~160m ASL and has great views from north-west through to south-east. There is a remote station on the same hill that regularly gets 10GHz contacts with Germany.


We will be operating on 2m and 70cm as completely separate stations, both using the G3KMI/P callsign.


  • FT897 All-mode
  • 100W Amp + Pre-amp
  • Yagi + 10m mast


  • FT897 All-mode
  • 50W Amp + Masthead pre-amp
  • Yagi + 10m mast


Please fill in below when you can come along to help! We will want to get there at about 0900 on Saturday to be ready for the start of the contest.

  • Phil - All Weekend
  • Chris O - All Weekend
  • Henry - All Weekend
  • Chris P = All Weekend
  • Morse - Sat until 2/3am


See Kit List.