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Meeting (to be) held from 18:50-20:00 on 2017/05/04 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Agenda of Annual General Meeting

  • Minutes of Previous AGM

Minutes (Template)


  • Treasurer
    • Significant purchase - £207.50 SDR (Air Spy)- large amount from SUSU funding
    • Spent £200 more this year (Significant chunk from Morse sounder project, and other projects)
    • A lot of membership money goes to RSGB (roughly quarter)
    • Option 1 - get more money in by increasing student membership to £15 / staff and alumni £25? Or selling old equipment - better than storing. Should we increase finding for first years?
      • We could charge an exam course fee, but this could be controversial?
        • Vote:
          • £15 for student members - 12 in favour, no objections
          • £25 for non-student members - 12 in favour, no objections
          • New members £10 - 10 in favour, no objections
    • Option 2 - get more funding from SUSU (SOWN Zepler Project) - matched funding
    • This year roughly matched for money out and money in
    • Option 3 - Sponsorship? Will this be viable?
    • Option 4 - Purchase Baofeng Radios in bulk and sell to new members who have just been licensed - need to consider import tax to see if this is a viable option.
  • Exams
    • No exams this year with Itchen Valley ARC
    • High pass rates, good year for exams
    • We need to better organise invigilators/instructors next time
      • Could have more full-licencees become instructors/ Registered Assessors
    • Perhaps practical exams could be completed at an earlier date to avoid stress
    • Consider organising exams/ workshop sessions for weekends
    • It is good to see members progress through the licensing system
  • President
    • ???
  • Licensing officer
    • Ensure correct paperwork is readily available
  • Secretary
    • My attendance year could have been better.


Under Officers, replace c) Secretary with:

c) Secretary:
   The Secretary shall keep minutes of Society meetings which shall be available to the Relevant Union Committee. 
   The Secretary shall be responsible for all communications on behalf of the Society and its committee, though 
   public relations shall, as a matter of course, be delegated to the Communications Secretary. The Secretary shall 
   produce and maintain a list of all members, including up to date contact details, which shall be available to 
   the officers and committee of the Society.
  • Schmendrick moved the amendment.
  • Nobody spoke against.
  • Votes:
    • FOR: 12
    • AGAINST: 0
    • Constitution AMENDED



David Young
Tyler Ward
Andy BS
Licensing Officer
Henry Kennedy


Exams Secretary
Henry Kennedy
Social Secretary
David Newman
SOWN Network Officer
David Newman
Equipment and Facilities Secretary
Tom Kelly
Cori Haws
Communications Secretary
Darren Richardson
Committee Position without Portfolio (if needed)




David Young - 10 RON - 0


Tyler Ward - 10 RON - 0


Andy BS - 10 RON - 0

Licensing Officer

Henry Kennedy - 9 RON - 1


Exams Secretary

Henry Kennedy - 10 RON - 0

Social Secretary

David Newman - 11 RON - 0

SOWN Network Manager

David Newman - 10 RON - 1

Equipment and Facilities Secretary

Tom Kelly - 10 RON - 0


Cori Haws - 11 RON - 0

Committee Position without Portfolio (if needed)

Andy BS - 0 Freddie N - 0 RON - 11

Communications Secretary

Darren R - 10 RON - 0