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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2016/09/15 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


This Weeks Talk

There is no talk scheduled for this meeting

Amateur Radio

Recurring Points


Joint Agenda

Freshers activities planning

Check for ISS/satellite overpasses over bunfights!

  • Bunfight
    • People
      • Arihant
      • David Y
      • 1/2 Cori
      • David N and Tyler for set-up and tear-down only
      • Need to send out email for more people
    • Usual stuff
      • Radios (FT-920, IC-7000, FT-817, FT-8900)
      • Morse demo (on IC-7000)
      • Both large batteries
      • PiSSTV demo (on FT-8900)
      • Power pole distros
      • Laptop for email
      • Laptop for misc (WebSDR etc.)
      • AR-150, MT-300, Alex/APU board, spare server if we have one, dish
      • Other static diplays of radio antennas
      • Licence books
      • Small banners
    • Murray to provide email shell script, feel free to throw away and start again
    • David N to provide design for banner, maybe we can get it made in time
    • Night before to set up antennas/scope the joint.
    • Arihant chasing up our lack of confirmation of a place
  • FPSE bunfight
    • People
      • Arihant
      • David Y pending a double-check
      • Cori
      • David N for setup, Tyler probably not
      • To send out email.
    • We'd usually have power --- bring linear
    • Get there reasonably early to bag a good table (by the window) but not ridiculously early
    • Arihant to specify a preference for l4 mountbatten over l1 zepler.
  • Intro meetings
    • Keep the presentation down to an hour --- 0.5 hour for people to turn up, 0.5 hour for questions and chat. Ie the talk itself is 18:30-19:30.
    • Table with examples of projects or photos of examples of projects
    • Talk --- brief summary of club, go through projects that are fairly good examples of the things we do, Dave has extended project talk on SOWN (mostly mentioning talks on various networking related things).
      • Conversational style --- two presenters
      • Not wordy (especially on slides), less like a lecture, but still trying to get across what we do as a society
      • Radio demo
  • Mega workshop

Other events

  • Weekend outing to the Common
  • Weekend outing to Milford-on-Sea (experienced people necessary)
  • Bletchley Park trip (free entry for RSGB members --- after exams, or heavily emphasise joining)

This Months Events

  • 2016/09/22 - Exams and Workshop
  • 2016/09/24 - Whole weekend workshop
  • SUSU Bunfight - 28th September
  • 2016/09/29 - Introductory meeting 1
  • FPSE Bunfight - 29th September

Next Months Events

Recurring Points

  • Finances
    • Banner funding approval
      • Dave will attempt to design
    • Signatories update
      • Tyler is now a signatory but doesn't yet have a card, but the solution is known
  • Accounts and mailing list subscriptions
  • External contacts and queries
    • Arihant has agreed to attend the USMC incoming students event in October. We need to email them with his details.
      • Dave N will email
  • Students union business
    • loss of pigeon hole in SUSU


  • Arihant can chase up money for padlock from other Cage 9 socs


  • We will not provide practical training to non-paid-up members
  • Transport for trips, membership required if you're coming on a major outing, relax it for smaller outings like to the Common.
  • Membership if you are regularly turning up to meetings from beginning of November onwards


See SOWN Agenda