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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2016/09/01 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio


  • Next Exam Date: Thursday 22nd September, 7pm
  • Need to plan date for first term time exam date.
    • DavidNewman thoughts:
      • We should decide on an appropriate date probably mid-November and just tell people this is the date rather than trying to get some consensus from those who want to sit a exam.
      • Thursday at 7pm should probably work well. However, this would mean examiners and those being examined may well be late to the Crown if they wanted to go.
      • We should not allow people to sit multiple exams on this date. First, because we cannot start the exam much earlier, as we need to have a decent amount of time after lectures finish to set up the room and second, we always seem to have trouble getting through all the practical work, which is made even more difficult if people want to do foundation and intermediate exams at the same time.
      • Second exam session mid/late February, possibly put on a Saturday or Sunday and allow multiple exams to be sat, as we have more time.
      • Possibly an exam session in-between. However, December is to close to first exam session or Christmas and January clashes with University exams, so would only be suitable for PhD students.


  • Update form Estates and Facilities, and SUSU
    • DavidNewman has used his contact in E&F to get their side of what happened
      • His contact was only aware of the original request for the mast upgrade on Building 40 and assumed we did not follow this up as we did not have the finances.
      • DavidNewman provided the whole saga to the contact but yet to hear anything due to various people being away on leave over the Summer. He will chase this up.
  • DavidNewman and Scorpia have spoken to new VPDCI and his Officer assistant.
    • They seem very keen on the project and finding out why it was turned down.
    • We have not heard anything since we spoke to them a fortnight ago.
    • Maybe we should send them an email with some more details/links as a gentle reminder.

Other Projects

Callsign list update

Amateur Radio AOB

  • Contact us from Farnborough and District Radio Society regarding:
    • Inter Club Quiz – The "Hernia Cup" - 26th October 2016

Joint Agenda

Room Booking

  • 59/1257 (Zepler CLS room) booked by DavidNewman for 2016-17 for the same University weeks (and times and dates) as 2015-16 academic year.

SUWS WordPress site

  • Can people upload any club photos taken within the past two years to the WordPress site
  • Can we make another blog post? One post per-term idea?
    • Murray will ***FINISH*** writing.

Accounts for systems

  • accounts can now be used to login to:
    • SOWN admin site (
    • SOWN Icinga
    • SOWN Wiki
    • SOWN website secure area (i.e. Todo list, secure docpot, IRC private logs and ops management, etc.)
    • SUWS WordPress
    • SUWS Wiki
  • Ask DavidNewman (daveruss) if you want a account or you want this account enabled for one or more of the above.

Anyone need to be added to the mailing list?

This month's events

  • 2016/09/24 - Whole weekend workshop
  • SUSU Bunfight - 28th September
  • 2016/09/29 - Introductory meeting 1
  • FPSE Bunfight - 30th September?

Next month's events

  • Intro Meetings
  • First outing - Common or Intercourse?
  • Social activity - Artemis or similar?
  • USMC (Malaysia) - Welcome to Southampton - 5th October, 2-5pm, somewhere on Highfield Campus
    • One committee member to attend as a representative.
    • Need to pass on chosen committee members email to organiser ASAP.



See SOWN Agenda