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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2016/01/07 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

License exam results

  • All foundation and intermediate exams passed
  • Add people's new Callsigns to the wiki.

SUSU funding round 2

  • We got the funded we wanted for extra licence exam books
  • Darren will check money has gone into our account

New Southampton Repeater

  • GB7SU
  • This already is also GB3IW on the Isle of Wight that covers bits of Southampton

ARISS with Tim Peake

  • Amateur Radio to talk to Tim Peake on the International Space Station on Friday.
  • Phil is helping to organise this separate from SUWS.
  • Some school kids with be supervised whiltst using Amateur Radio to talk to the ISS.

Stock of people who need to pay for club kit used

  • Should be a book with the money tin to see what is outstanding
    • otherwise refer to last meeting although this may be a bit out of date now.
  • Stock items with purchaser unknown (according to last meeting minutes):
    • 1.6ish m of ladder line (pay Tyler)
    • 1 BNC connector (pay Tyler)
    • 1 BNC connector (pay Club)
    • 3m ish of RG58 (Pay Tyler)

Stock of people who need to pay for club kit (legacy list)

Shirt and Fleece orders

  • Plan to put in order on Friday 15th (perhaps delay this because exams will mean people won't be here)
  • Needs name, callsign, nickname, size and deposit before then
    • £17-ish for polo shirts (£10 deposit)
    • £25-ish for fleeces (£15 deposit)
  • Done

Reorganised calendar for January

  • Proposed:
    • 7th (this meeting): Meeting
    • 14th (during exams): Doing
    • 21st (during exams): Doing
    • 28th (new semester): Meeting
  • Approved!


  • Tyler got hold of VPDCI but Tony is away until after Christmas and has not heard anything back from E&F
  • Tyler away this week so will need to leave chasing until next week.

SUWS WordPress Site

  • Add photos and presentation to end of term post


  • Can people upload any club photos taken Within the past two years
    • WordPress site or Flickr
      • We've decided that Flickr is now evil, let's use WordPress.
  • Uploaded one photo to SUSU site (unicycling Andy), we should probably do more in order to show off the society.

QSL Card Competition

  • Darren's design was the winner.
    • Need to sort out ordering QSL cards
      • Question about whether we need to change size (probably not, thinks Darren).
    • Need to upload all designs to the WordPress site

Amateur Radio AOB

  • Anything?

Joint Agenda



  • Some kit likely still with Unionfilms, Arihant to talk to Tyler when he's back.
  • Spaceflight equipment is in Cage 9, Phil will likely deal with as appropriate.


See SOWN Agenda