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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2015/09/03 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

Mini Bun-fight planning and preparation

  • Who is available when
    • Me both days
    • Henry Sunday
    • Tyler both days, but would like to do other shit
    • Arthur not available
    • Darren is not available
    • Dave is available
    • Phil might say "hi"
    • Graeme might say "hi"
    • Other Phil might be in Somerset
  • What shall we demonstrate
    • PiSSTV
      • 2m Radio rx (Henry's FT-817 oslt)
    • WebSDR demonstration
    • IC-7000 on HF
    • FT-920 on HF
  • What can we have to look cool (Static displays)
    • SOWN Node
    • 5GHz dish (don't put it by the edge of the desk)
    • APU Boards
  • What can we have that won't make us look particularly cool but is required for the other cool-looking things?
    • Gaffer tape
    • 4-Ways! (Ask SUSU)
    • 3 laptops
    • All the PowerPole Stuff
    • Tools
    • Tuner (Graeme's?)
    • Non-ionising radiation signs
  • What antennas can we put up
    • End-fed Zepp if inside; Vertical if outside.


  • Director of union services discussing with E&F

Exam things

  • Next dates: Sun 11th Oct 10:00; Mon 7th Dec 19:00; deadlines 18th Sep and 16th Nov respectively.
    • Arthur and Jo{h,}n Fisher would like to Full (either date)

RSGB Exam Changes

  • Changes start 1st October
  • book updates available here
    • Idea: Powerpoint presentation about this (guide to things that have changed in licence conditions). Henry to follow up. Presentation to be given after start of term.


  • HF vertical on common?

AOB (radio)

Joint Agenda

Funding Aplications

  • Aplicatuions Put in
    • End-fed zepp. Club give 50%?
    • QSL Cards


  • Artemis
    • In a month where we have five Thursdays.
    • Now with working lights
    • October? Next week?


See SOWN Agenda