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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2015/05/07 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

Licence Exams

  • Upcoming exams, 1st May
    • Room booking
    • Outstanding practical work

SUSU Antenna Array

  • OVERVIEW - general state, updates, etc.
    • Have explained
  • Equipment orders

  • SUWS repaying members for items they have bought for the array
    • Any outstanding items still needing to be claimed?

  • Assembly plan
    • Lightning protector?
    • Plan of equipment needed in the shack
      • Rack diagram exists, apparently.
      • We've contacted SUSU re the final cabinet size

  • Working with E&F / SUSU facilities
    • Cherry picker hire

  • Working with other societies and SUSU
    • SURGE's antenna status
      • Seems OK, I seem to recall?
    • Organise meeting with other societies and SUSU


  • SUWS now has a WordPress site
    • Accessible from
    • Wiki moved to all existing wiki pages should redirect to their new URLs.
    • We need everyone to help add content to this new site:
      • Convert current G3KMI history wiki page into a WordPress page.
      • Add page describing Amateur Radio activities
      • Add page describing SOWN activities
      • Write the occasional post on something interesting SUWS has been doing.
    • Currently iSolutions usernames of the FORMER committee with random passwords that they were emailed.

QSL Cards

  • QSL card design submissions
    • On hold due to the mast
  • Received QSL cards
    • Murray has volunteered to scan these in but needs to get the cards off Tyler - any progress?
    • Also buy and put in a physical album - any progress?


  • Any significant updates

How to unbreak the members page

  • daveruss is still loking into this
    • Daveruss thinks he has fixed it.
      • We're all confused


Joint Agenda

Stuff we can buy with education monies

  • All spent?

Outstanding membership fees (Darren)

  • £10 for students
  • £15 for staff/society alumni

Mailing List and Wiki

  • Mailing list additions (Dave N)
  • New wiki accounts (Dave N)

Polo shirt and fleeces

  • Have arrived. Collect from Dave N and pay outstanding balance (£6 polo shirts, £10 fleeces)


  • Any new information?
    • We would like another key thanks to new committee position.


  • Happened
  • We elected a committee
  • And updated the mail alias
  • Had a constitutional issue which required us to elect a committee position without portfolio.
  • Wiki updated
  • SUSU committee submitted (before deadline)
  • Other new committee position, Equipment and Facilities Secretary, to manage equipment and facilities.

Joint Agenda

  • AOB
    • Write an email to SUSU re mini bunfight.
      • July dates NO, clashes with VHF field day
        • Let's go for the September dates then
          • Email being written here


See SOWN Agenda