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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2015/03/19 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

Licence Exams

  • Upcoming exams, 1st May
    • David Henley will let Henry know shortly wrt candidates for an exam in May from IVARC.
    • Two people wanting to do an exam. May as well do foundation and intermediate. May as well run them at the same time as IVARC's (so in May).

How to unbreak the members page

  • daveruss has been looking into this


  • The outing happened
    • 15th March
    • Milford-on-Sea
    • Winter 2015 Outing
    • It tuned out to be cold enough
    • Doodle poll results
    • Transport
      • Murray and Chris O have cars
    • It went terribly
    • The kit didn't work
    • The 7000 refused to transmit on anything but FM
    • The 920 refused to tune to Henry's pro whip
    • Make sure we have a two-way exchange of phone numbers.
  • Harwell in Didcot was disappointing, mostly component sellers

Science and Engineering Family Day

  • 14th March
  • We've been invited
  • Things to do
    • Usual radio operations
    • PiFM/SSTV DEMO IN A DALEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Graeme inquiring about IVARC mast.
    • Getting people to send greeting messages (to other society members)
  • It went well
    • We actually entered an HF contest at the same time
    • The Pi wasn't in a Dalek...
    • But it did work

SUSU Antenna Array

  • Progress
    • £692.70 (Out of £693)
    • This covers all external parts, including assembly. Our monies were deliberately put towards the internal stuff, because it can take longer.
      • There is a rounding error there...
  • SUWS repaying members for items they have bought for the array
    • Invoices received from members (Graeme?)
    • Invoices paid: Tyler, Henry
  • We need to order the parts, Darren needs to start approving things.
    • We can do this next doing
  • We need to start planning the construction
    • Detailed assembly plan.
    • Do it in CAD?
  • Contact with E&F
    • Tyler, Daveruss and Murray have met with E&F
    • Cherry picker
    • SUSU H&S should be kept in the loop
    • SUSU H&S have been spoken to, he doesn't have any objections, though he would indeed like to be kept informed.
  • SUSU facilities
    • We've spoken in person and he has no objections
  • SURGE's antenna, or cable, or both, appear to be damaged
    • PA was reading high reflected power.
    • We should investigate more, possibly replace it
  • Speaking/meeting with other societies/SUSU
    • No development yet
  • Potential Shack in SUSU may cease to be bookable again and become an office.
    • Any further update beyond this is not happening yet and the fact we may be able to use it out of office hours anyway.
    • This is not happening any more
  • Need to consider lightning
  • Things to do:
    • Add facebook group message about E&F meeting; general progress update
    • General meeting with societies who are interested


  • Newsletter indefinitely put on hold because nobody can be arsed to finish it
    • Daveruss looking at doing this on Marconi
  • Facebook (EUGH!!!!!!!)
    • That is literally Daveruss's job
      • He says it's not
  • Would anyone cover an outing (Wessex Scene, etc.)?
    • Probably not, but maybe as a whole for large events or the mast.

QSL Cards

  • QSL card design submissions
    • Close date when we get funding
    • Apparently Graeme has a few stacks of 200, some of which contain typos, in location unknown.
    • On hold due to the mast
  • Received QSL cards
    • Scan so can be uploaded to the website
      • Murray has volunteered, needs to get the cards off Tyler
    • Also put in a physical album
      • We can buy this in the doing next week?

Chilbolton Atmospheric Radio Observatory

  • Mentioned by Quentin - could probably get a free visit/tour as a uni club.
    • Ping them an email to determine their attitude
  • They still exist
  • Is there a nice pub nearby?
    • According to Chris, there is an acceptable one.


  • Got direct port 80 at last :) (java support, global list entry, Pieter stops hating Phil, etc)
  • We are now registered on the main WebSDR site
  • Current PC: Dell Optiplex, Core 2 Duo E8500 3.2GHz
  • Being upgraded to a new PC from Henry, courtesy of ECS
    • That's happening next weekend.

Joint Agenda

Stuff we can buy with education monies

  • Tool kit
  • >=2 more foundation licence books
  • VFO kits for intermediate exam? (Subsidised or sold to members)

Outstanding membership fees (Darren)

  • £10 for students
  • £15 for staff/society alumni

Mailing List and Wiki

  • Mailing list additions (Dave N)
  • New wiki accounts (Dave N)

Lifetime Members

  • See Callsigns/Alumni page
    • We have quite a few people now mostly from the '90s
    • Dave has subtly hinted to Nigel that we would like the G8KMI callsign back despite not having a shack
    • Daveruss has added more people from the '80s and '70s.


  • Keys: Tyler, Henry
  • We have a register piece of paper
  • Additional books order (Henry/Darren)
    • Darren has approved of the concept, but expects an email with a list of books to be bought
      • Henry needs to do this
  • Do we now have stickers for the books? (Darren)
    • No

SUSU H&S meeting

  • Murray has been. Now we know not to jump off a building onto some rocks next to the sea.

Move to 32 over easter?

  • No, stay in Zepler


  • 23rd April
  • Nominations, you must be nominated by a full (student) member of the club
    • Exams secretary
      • Henry
    • Social secretary
      • Daveruss
      • Malton
    • Node Deployment Officer
      • Daveruss
    • President
      • Tyler
    • Webmaster
      • Colin
    • Treasurer
      • Darren
    • Secretary
      • Murray
    • Licensing Officer
      • Henry


  • HAB launch for eclipse photography. Members feel free to try to pick up SSTV pics. 434.211MHz 600 baud rtty; no GPS and 434.149MHz 300 baud rtty


See SOWN Agenda