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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2014/09/18 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

Licence Exams

    • Next exam dates: List of full exam dates here

Chilbolton Atmospheric Radio Observatory

  • Mentioned by Quintin - could probably get a free visit/tour as a uni club.
    • Maybe a good activity for 2014-15 newbies?


  • Bunfight - Who, What, When, (Where?!)
  • Any upcoming events (rallies etc.)
  • Any plans for outings for newbies?

Termly Spring End of academic year 2014 Newsletter Finalisation

  • Newsletter
    • [1] [2]
    • A few tweaks/finalisations required
      • Add VHF NFD, make it and end of academic year newsletter.
        • Collect VHF NFD pictures.
    • We need a list of people to whom to send it.

QSL Cards

  • QSL card design competition
    • Photos taken at VHF NFD
    • Please design/submit designs ASAP.
    • Closing date TBD (but probably once we have funding for them)
    • Funding - see joint agenda

  • Received QSL cards
    • Tyler has them
    • We need to figure out what to do with them - scan them? Put them in an album?

Shack in SUSU

  • Our old shack (office) is being turned into a meeting room, maybe
  • Plan to try to get a corner in it for use as a shack when there's no meeting (or remote control when there is a meeting)
  • Meeting re this will probably happen soon.
    • Still hasn't happened. Now potentially Monday 29th (when Tyler gets back).


Joint Agenda


  • SUSU - Wednesday 24th September (09:00-16:00?)
  • FPSE - Thursday 25th September (12:00 and 17:00)
  • Dave N can help set up and maybe Graeme, Henry and Murray can attend. Maybe Tim, Darren)? Also, try to contact Russell Frost and Chris Oakes.
  • Intro meetings (just on Thursday nights?)
  • Ideas for bunfights
    • SSTV (from Murray/Henry's house)
    • Static displays of cool-looking radios/antennas
    • Working HF rig listening to real people? (If we have antenna)
    • Static display of SOWN nodes/wifi dish
    • Certainly need to get into Cage 9 (antennas/banner)
    • Also 32 for the FT-920
    • Decide to do an outing (European or RSGB SSB club sprint?) so we can advertise it at existing licensees


  • General discussion about matters SUSU
  • Finding a more suitable zone, e.g. Creative Industries

Mailing List

  • Merged mailing list requested for (by daveruss at 01:26 18/09/2014)



See SOWN Agenda