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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2013/09/19 in Access Grid Room


Amateur Radio

Current Affairs

  • SUSU Wrangling
    • Committee is now receiving emails. Yay!
    • Need to convince SUSU to have a public email and a private email for societies.
    • Schmendrick still chasing up info on how the second round of funding actually works.


19:00-20:00 SOWN Meeting (see agenda)

Joint Agenda


Date: 2013-09-25

  • Bring the FT920 along,
  • HF (end fed?)
  • weather fax (no antenna needed)
  • weather balloon demo?
  • Tyler to email the list with the bunfight date asking for volunteers to man the table

Intro meetings

  • 2 Intro meetings, a Thursday and the following Tuesday during the day time.
  • Suggested dates are the 3rd and 8th of October.
  • Darren is only around the second week of October.
  • Daveruss to book the rooms

Intro outings

  • Take people out to the 80m club competition in the New Forest?
  • We have used the site and kit before - everything should work right!?

FPSE bunfight

Date: 2013-09-26

  • Same as the bunfight but more technical.
  • Run a mast up the inside of B53 to transmit/receive