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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2013/05/09 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Amateur Radio

18:00-19:00 G3KMI Meeting

  • Repeater sites
  • Zepler WebSDR+Discone
    • Still waiting for ECS to respond - H&S Audit

  • 80m CC Debrief
    • Noise floor - loop antenna next time?
    • Extreme narrowband on the Antenna
      • Solution could be a dipole
    • Explore the use of the top of the Physics building. helios to follow up.
    • Next time, we should use the club rig or shack-in-a-box.
    • MORE POWERRRRRR! (Possibly batteries)
    • Desk Mics vs. Fist Mics
    • Maths tower too noisy!

  • WebSDR, globaltuner through uni firewall
    • ASTRA happy to run as a globaltuner if possible
    • Phil is absent :(
  • Letter about FT-920
    • orchard may have a draft.
    • Phil is absent :(

  • Oakley Mast
    • Photos
    • Very long. Some surface corosion.
    • Where would we put it? Store it?

  • HF Contests
  • VHF Contests

  • Field days
    • IVARC is organising one and wants people.
    • El Pres says we need a vote.
    • Wait for more people to be present. (Phil in particular)

  • Generic Operating Day
    • Organise on short notice, after 3YP, to account for weather and rig availability.
    • Keep an eye on the IRC

  • Workshop specifically for AR kit.
    • Take a look at the lead acid batteries.
      • Building into power boxes?
      • RAYNET Battery Box
      • Batteries need testing. Sort out the bad ones.
      • PowerPole Connectors
    • Slim jims? Some still under construction.
    • Dummy Loads
      • Murray, Henry & Helios ==> Helios to send details to scorpia
    • Yagis
    • Schmendrick is interested in designing a CW HF rig.
    • Possible dates:
      • After 3YP -- due 1st May
      • After IRP/IRR -- ask orchard
      • When do exams end? -- End of Mayish
    • Operating afterwards?
  • Submit your availability here

  • Power Boxes
    • Budget
    • Schmendrick to figure out how this could be designed.

  • AOB - NOB


19:00-20:00 SOWN Meeting (see agenda)

Joint Agenda

  • AOB