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Workshop (to be) held from 15:00-20:00 on 2022/12/04 in Building 32


Replaces workshop planned for 27th November

Task list

  • Use jumper cap to reset password on KVM
  • Connect up 'new' servers
    • Make sure old data is 'shredded'
    • Install new OSs for building replacement gateways
  • Sort out monitoring IPMI now interfaces are on their own VLAN.
  • Finish relabelling description on SOWN switch ports.
  • Further investigate why backup servers cannot be connected to over serial after the kernel has booted (probably UEFI related).
  • Look at transferring VMS-B32-1 VMs to VMS-B53-1
    • If completed look at installing LXD on VMS-B32-1 to replace Wok.
  • Review interface, device, rack, cables, connections, etc. changes on netbox and ensure they are correct
  • More tasks can be found at: some can probably be closed: