Tunable Dipole

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Tunable Dipole
Tunable Dipole
Status Completed
Project Lead User:Stealthbird97

Tunable Dipole

Tunable dipole for use in foundation training.

Parts List

  • PVC Tube
  • 2x BNC Socket
  • 2x BNC Telescopic Antenna
  • RG-58
  • BNC Male Connector (or another suitable connector)

Construction Method

  • Drill Holes
    • Tunable Dipole Diagram.png
    • 2 x 11mm holes each opposite each other, approximately 5cm from the end of one side of the 34mm PVC Tube
      • Tunable Dipole 1.jpg
    • 2 x 5mm holes separated enough to wrap a number of coils of coax around the PVC tube.
      • Tunable Dipole 2.jpg
    • 1 x 5mm hole in endcap.

  • Assembly
    • Screw in BNC sockets to top two holes nearest the end of the PVC tube (the Top).
    • Strip the outer of the coax so the core and shield can reach the two BNC connectors.
      • Tunable Dipole 3.jpg
    • Thread coax through top 5mm hole.
      • Tunable Dipole 4.jpg
    • Solder shield to one BNC socket, and core to the other.
      • Tunable Dipole 5.jpg
    • Wrap coax around the PVC tube and thread coax through the second 5mm hole back into and out the bottom of the tube.
    • Thread coax through endcap.
    • Attach bottom endcap to PVC tube.
    • Solder BNC Male (or other suitable connection) to Coax.
    • Install BNC Telescopic antennae
      • Tunable Dipole.jpg
    • Test antenna
    • Attach top endcap.