T500 Modification

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T500 Modifications
T500 Modifications
Status Completed
Project Lead User:Sciguy16

T500 Modifications

The club owns a Tait T535 and a Tait T520C. These were meant to be quite easy to modify for operation on amateur bands, so this is what we tried to do.

Unfortunately the radios where in a poorer state that we had hoped and after much time spent on them we decided that the one we had managed to get working was all we were likely to get working without significant amounts of extra time.

Conversion notes

One of the radios works on transmit. Channel 1 is 145.200 and channel 2 is a shade under 186.000. Receive is unconfirmed, calculations suggest weird frequencies in the 130 MHz range and the 190 MHz range. TODO: alter the solder bridges to shift RX to somewhere sensible and test.


  • Can be easily modified for 2m or 4m operation
    • Channel 1 has been set to 145.350 MHz with the jumper settings below
    • Channel 2?

These are the jumper settings for 145.350 MHz, as per http://www.davidmpye.com/?q=node/17

N9 c o
N8 o c
N7 o c
N6 o o
N5 o c
N4 c c
N3 o c
N2 o o
N1 o c
N0 o o
A5 o c
A4 c o
A3 c c
A2 c c
A1 c c
A0 c c