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This page details out attempts to locate a shack on campus or nearby

Potential locations

We are currently looking for a shack notes on potential places are below

Southampton Makerspace

  • Landlord has approved putting a mast up
    • Need to investigate how to put one up
  • Possibility of lending the Discone to the makerspace.
    • How much notice would we want to be able to give to get it back if we needed it?
      • 1 month seems reasonable. This would depend on how the antenna was sited.
    • Set up WebSDR?

Building 2

  • Unlikely to happen due to objections of us using the room

Portable shack

  • we attempted to get the GB4 fun trailer but missed the deadline

Student Union Meeting Room

The former shack in building 40 (overlooking the student union square) is now due to be converted back into a meeting room. This is expected to be completed by September 2014 and will be bookable to students. This means we have the potential to restore the former G3KMI shack to some extent, provided it does not prevent the room being used by other groups. As such, we must create a proposal asap detailing what we want.


  • This should list what we would like the shack to have
  • Current proposal:
    • Rotatable mast erected on the side of building 40
      • HF, VHF and UHF antennas connected
      • Discussed so far: 23cm at bottom, SURGE FM broadcast above that (we'd help them get back on the air), HF antenna of some sort, 70cm+2cm with dual-band rotator, triband 2m/70cm/other vertical antenna on top of that.
      • Should feed into the meeting room, with option to extend to ground level
    • Some (quantity?) lockable cabinets in the meeting room for connections to the mast and storage of radios.

Hardware Purchase

  • This should list what needs purchasing

The proposal

  • This should detail or link to a formal proposal to send to the student union.
  • Need to decide who should be contacted.