Server PSU Based Radio Power Supply

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Server PSU Based Radio Power Supply
Server PSU Based Radio Power Supply
Status Completed
Project Lead User:Stealthbird97

Server PSU Based Radio Power Supply

A low cost, high current power supply for Amateur Radio utilising a Server PSU.

Designs are available at Github Construction guide on the Github Wiki


  • Near 13.8VDC Output, 47 A (Exact specs to be determined)
  • Various Fan Control Options.
  • Distribution (2 Fused Anderson Powerpole connectors)
  • Current Sharing / Parallelisation of 2 PSUs (2 boards required).

Tasks (Completed)

  • Identify maximum voltage obtainable from supply.
    • OVP cuts in at about 13.9v, however OVP protection will trip if a 1A load is suddenly attached by 13.75v.
  • Modify PSU to boost voltage 12v->13.8v (or as close as possible)
    • This is possible using a resistor between the 12v sense-return pin and ground. 260Ohm resistor suggested.
  • PCB designed (See Github)
  • Check EMI (Noise on outputs seems to be low, suggest using ferrites core on DC power leads)

Parts List and Costings

Type Item Board Marking Cost Link
PSU HP DPS-600PB Server Powersupply N/A ~£15 [1]
PCB DPS-600 Distribution Board PCB by M0YCH N/A ~£30 for ~10 +p&p [2]
Connector 4*45A pcb contacts N/A £9.90 for 15 [3]
Connector 2* red 45A housings N/A £2.65 for 10 [4]
Connector 2* black 45A housings N/A £2.65 for 10 [5]
Connector Amphenol FCI 51760-10201202AALF Receptacle N/A £3.82 each [6]
Fuseholder Keystone 3522 N/A £6.56 for 100 [7]
Trimmer Resistor 1*Vishay / Sfernice 1k Trimmer T93YA102KT20 R3 £1.23 each [8]
Trimmer Resistor 1*Vishay / Sfernice 5k Trimmer T93YA502KT20 R4 £1.23 each [9]
Resistor 2*330ohm though hole 0.25w R1,R2 £0.23 for 10 [10]
LED 2*3mm red/yellow LED1,LED2 £0.24 each [11]
Capacitor 2*0.1uF Capacitor C1,C2 £0.0897 each [12]
IC LM34 Temperature Sensor (Optional) IC1 £2.76 each [13]


  • Original PSU was going to be a Dell POWEREDGE 2950 Redundant Power Supply however upon testing this supply, voltage would not rise above 12.2v and would drop to unusable voltages under load.