Pi-SSTV zero

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Pi-SSTV Zero
[[File:|250px|Pi-SSTV Zero]]
Status In Progress
Project Lead User:Stealthbird97

Pi-SSTV Zero

Project to build a mini SSTV transmitter using a Pi Zero.


  • Pi Zero or Pi Zero Wireless (will also work with a pi1 or model A pi - theoretically any pi can be used as all components are built on the system)
  • Pi case
  • Micro SD card
  • Pi Camera
  • Pi camera adapter (one is included in the official case)
  • Power supply, either a battery or mains supply


The original script installer script was written by User:MurrayColpman in 2016 which implimented PiFm and PySSTV. It was noticed that there have been a number of improvements added since the original script and that PySSTV was exceptionally slow at generating the required SSTV audio file, taking up to 2 minutes to generate. The original script has been updated by User:Stealthbird97. The new script utilises the more up-to-date and optimised packages

  • Pi-FM-RDS (Generate FM signal on Pi GPIO 4) - modulates the PLL instead of clock divider giving purer fm signal. Harmonics are still an issue.
  • PiSSTV (Converts image from the camera into chosen SSTV mode) - Reduces conversion time to 2 seconds.

The new script can currently be found here: https://github.com/Stealthbird97/CompletePiSSTV The script uses submodules so git clone --recursive is required.


see Pifm_pihat