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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2019/05/23 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room


Joint Agenda

  • Discussion on how to improve engagement next year
    • Amateur Radio
      • More outings
    • SOWN
      • Easy to get involved
      • Less of a learning curve before you can contribute
      • Make material, (documentation, source code, etc.) and hardware (servers, nodes, etc.) for SOWN more accessible both literally and from an understanding point of view.

Problems Identified

  • Lack of structured meetings
  • Lack of people
  • Lack of engagement by people
  • Lack of things wherewith to engage
  • Cage/Storage
  • No people for talks
  • SOWN is ultra monolithic

Planned Actions

  • Buy TCP trolley to transport Battery, thereby facilitating minimal outings
    • need a volunteer to buy ASDA folding trolley
    • Tyler/Freddie
  • Arrange D-Day event (Thursday the 6th of June)
    • use it also to train newer persons in radio operation
    • need access to kit (Freddie can provide)
    • coordinate with some other people
  • New books for the new syllabus
  • Get out all the mini-batteries in the cage, and test/dispose them
  • Plan entire first semester of 19/20 before the end of 18/19
  • Train newer members in radio operation (so they can run outings)
  • Identify things that may clash with our events, and avoid them as appropriate
    • Future worlds

Meetings in the coming weeks

  • Plan D-Day outing on 2019-05-30
    • D-Day outing is on 2019-06-06
  • ARDF Meeting on 2019-06-06 (after D-Day)
    • Discuss how to build and finance kit, so that we can have a Fox Hunt at the start of the year and throughout the year

Possible activities for the new year

  • Introductory meetings
    • practical stuff?
  • Outings
    • pick dates, can cancel if the weather is bad... but we have a Gazebo now...
  • Antenna building
    • slim-jims
  • Talk about exams
    • strongly encourage new members to take exams
    • arrange a date for exams early

Other Disorderly Minutes of Ideas Discussed

Good Ideas

  • Minimal outing template:
    • at least one competent person
      • if 2 people can spontaneously/not-spontaneously go out to the common and talk to people, then the cost of outings will be much lower
    • No car
    • (People)
    • Radio
      • IC7000
    • Battery
      • LIPOs?
    • Power distribution
    • String
    • Antenna
    • Coax
  • Battery transport device thing ideally on wheels and with a pulling device or something maybe
    • £7.50 ASDA trolley???
  • More easy-to-join-and-start (small) projects
    • Software stuff should be easy
      • RTTY/Morse encoders/decoders (just for fun)
      • IP over radio?
    • Not all with a dependence on Tyler
  • Get out ALL mini-batteries for testing and disposal (as appropriate)
  • Repeater?!?!? Why did you die??
  • Have many things going on at the start of the year to kick-start it

Kit Ideas

  • A more compact HF radio?
  • 6m antenna
  • Compact non-portable Shack

Other Ideas

  • Birdwatching/radio combined outings
  • Change meeting day
  • SOWN GDPs and TYPs?
    • high time requirement by someone?

Lunchtime Ideas

  • Change meeting structure:
    • start at 18:30
    • talk at 19:00 if available
    • have definitive objectives during Workshops