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Meeting (to be) held from 18:00-20:00 on 2018/06/07 in Nuffield Small Lecture Room


Future Meeting Locations

  • daveruss believes this is the last week we have this room booked. Can someone check that
  • Where should we have meetings over the Summer?
    • Mountbatten Common Room

This Weeks Talk

There is no talk scheduled for this meeting.

Amateur Radio

  • Need to write up and submit application for ARDF to EMFCamp


  • There was another SUSU zone conference:
    • The SUSU website still does room bookings and minibuses
    • SUSU is closed on bank holidays
    • Groups Hub is a thing
      • They want information about club meeting times on the groups page (this is a sensible suggestion)
      • All memberships must be done through the box office
        • Paid memberships incur a mandatory 50p charge per person
        • Free memberships will be some sort of sign-up process, but the site for that has not been written yet
        • Membership options will be customisable to allow for semester-long and tiered memberships
        • Membership money will be paid to societies in their fortnightly BACS cronjob, but they will try to do more BACS runs during the freshers' period
      • All clubs must make sure that they have their bank account details registered on the groups hub
      • All clubs must submit a screenshot of their bank balance and a financial forecast for the coming year
      • Next funding round opens in August
      • All clubs must upload a risk assessment to the groups hub
        • If they have any issues with the risk assessment then the person who uploaded it will be held liable
      • SUSU want to make the groups hub more of a "hub" for groups
        • This potentially involves them hosting copies of club constitutions and something about hosting AGMs via groups hub
    • GDPR is a thing
      • SUSU wants to have copies of member lists etc. because they "want to ensure that we are holding information securely"
      • Random sabb guy confirmed that SUSU would be wholly liable for any damages resulting from a breach of society data from the union's website
      • We can email SUSU and they will ask their Tech Guys for reassurance that the site is secure
      • In response to comments about previous data breaches, Random Sabb Guy™ said that if we email them the details then they will get their Tech Guys to explain what they've done to fix the problems and provide reassurance that the system is secure

Recurring Points


Joint Agenda

This Month's Events

Next Month's Events

  • Maybe just have workshops on Thursdays unless we have anything specific to discuss.

Recurring Points

  • Finances
  • User accounts and mailing list subscriptions
  • External contacts and queries
  • Students' Union business
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)